Ass Of The Month: Football365

Each month I will be scouring the internet and nominating my Ass Of The Month award for complete logic failures. This month’s award goes to the Mediawatch section of football365.com.

This is a column that I normally enjoy and is popular with football (or soccer if you prefer) fans globally. However, it is their discussion of the saga surrounding the Roy Hodgson “Space Monkey” joke that lets down what is normally a well written and logical column, and makes them seem rather foolish.

Here’s where they have a major brain fail, when they state that “If you want to know why there isn’t a Society of White Lawyers, then you’re part of the problem”.

Firstly, the majority of people seem to agree that there is no problem for anybody to be part of. But leaving that aside, why is it any more wrong for a society of white lawyers to exist than a society of black lawyers? Both are wrong, both are completely illogical, and neither should be allowed. In fact both are (or would be) a self defeating entity.

Let’s look at this logically. Racism is discrimination against an individual on grounds of the colour of their skin, right? And what we all (including, one would assume, the society of black lawyers) want to achieve is the eradication of racism.

In a society where racism didn’t exist, there would be no such thing as a black lawyer, and no such thing as a white lawyer. There would only be a lawyer. Therefore the society of black lawyers actually wants to achieve a situation where they themselves could not possibly exist.

How’s that for a paradox?

Mediawatch, you are usually an entertaining read but on this occasion you let your moral outrage win at the expense of your usually sound logic. For that reason, the inaugural Ass of the Month award is yours.