Movie Time

A friend sent me the link to this short YouTube film which depicts a young man who is a (somewhat unsuccessful) gambler but learns that he’s about to become a father and has to change his ways.

My thoughts? A somewhat predictable storyline, but well made nontheless. Where the logic falls down is that not all gamblers lose. Some, such as Patrick Leitch, have become multi millionaires through betting on horse racing.

So is it gambling that is bad, are the bookmakers the enemy, or is it really a matter of individual choice, self discipline and basic hard work and talent? Should Leitch have stopped gambling at a young age? His bank account would say otherwise. That is the issue I have with those who preach that betting is evil – it’s not betting, it’s (some of) the idiots who do it. But they would be idiots whatever they did…

Anyway, more on the logic of gambling later. For now, here’s the movie.